Facilities, Rates and Means of Payment for Rented Booths
2017-08-14 07:59:26 Source: 2017 BRICS Summit Media Center

1.Facilities of Rented Booths

Standard Facilities:

15 square meters, single door with lock

2 long desks (1.2m*0.6m), 4 chairs and 1 trash can

2KW power supply (220V) in aggregate for office use and abundant power supply for technical use 

1 telephone socket

1 high-speed Internet socket

1 cable TV socket

1 set of ITVR signals (embed-audio/video): 1 video channel

  embedded with multi-audio channels

    Signal formats: HD-SDI:1080i/50 (16:9)

    Connector: BNC (Q9)

    Standard: PAL

2.Rate and Means of Payment

The rate for media booths is 260 USD per square meter during the operation period; the total price is calculated according to actual room area. To make a reservation in advance, please pay a deposit according to the Media Services Application Process.

3.Other Services

Additional customized services (such as telecommunication, office furniture and equipment rental, cable TV ports, video interfaces and satellite transmission ports, etc.) will be charged at uniform rates.