About the Media Center
2017-07-10 00:00:01 Source: 2017 BRICS Summit Media Center

Media Center

Located in Halls A7 and A8 of the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, the 8,000m2 Media Center is the main venue for journalists to work in and obtain press releases. Free Wi-Fi is available in both halls. Smoking is prohibited inside the halls.

1) Comprehensive Service Area

The information desks take inquiries in person or through the hotlines. Document distribution services are also available at these desks.

2) Public Services

Postal, communication, bank and medical services are available at service stations in this area.

3) Public Media Working Area

The public media working area has about 700 seats with audio ports, power sockets and Internet ports for accredited journalists to access video, audio and Internet services. Some of the seats are equipped with computers. Area 03 also has large LED screens and TV sets providing information on HB signals and meeting schedules etc., as well as photocopiers, printers, fax machines and telephones.

4) Refreshment Area

Complimentary refreshments are served to accredited journalists here during Media Center opening hours; electronic lockers are also provided.

5) MCR (Master Control Room)

Charged HB signals collecting, recording and transmitting services are provided on a first come, first served basis.

6) Television Studios

The television studios in this area are available for rent. Each studio has backdrops, 3-channel EFP, etc. Live stand-up positions are also available.

Television studios and live stand-up positions are non-complimentary and need to be reserved. Additional customized devices are also non-complimentary and require advance booking.

7) Administration Area

8) Press Conference Halls

The press conference halls area includes three press conference halls: 1 large, (200 seats) 1 medium (100 seats) and 1 small (50 seats), each with lighting and audio systems (with loud speakers). The large hall is equipped with simultaneous interpretation devices. All three halls are free for use but require advance booking.

9) Rentable Media Booths

Media booths are available for rent. The booths are equipped with basic furniture, ports for HB signals, Internet, and telephone. Additional customized devices are non-complimentary and require advance booking.

10) Prayer Room

The prayer rooms provide services for accredited journalists during the opening hours of the Media Center.

11) Assembly Point for Interviews

Accredited journalists should assemble here before conducting interviews outside the Media Center.

12) Media Catering Area

The catering area is located in Halls A6 of the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, providing complimentary catering services for accredited journalists during Media Center opening hours.

Contact Information:

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